What are the Fees for Bao's Modelling Services?

We would love to chat more on an individual basis. Please email us at info@baothechi.com to discuss rates as it varies depending on location, hours, and tasks. 

How to Measure your Pet:

Neck: Measure the circumference of pet's neck, you can reserve 2-3cm.
Chest: Measure the biggest circle around the chest, you can reserve 2-3cm. ( Chest is the most important data. )
Back Length: Measure the length of the pet's neck to the base of the tail.

    How to wash/care for your apparel? 

    We recommend turning apparel inside out, washing it with similar colors and hanging dry.

    Is Bao a Mix Breed?

    We often get asked if Bao is mix Jack Russell or Italian Greyhound. However, Bao's previous owner shared that he is a full breed Deer Head Chihuahua. We plan on trying out one of those DNA tests to see... Stay tuned for results!

    How do you keep Bao's glasses on?

    We introduced it to him when he was little so we think he's so used to it now. Some tips: We remove the plastic lenses and this removes extra weight and glare. The glasses have to sit comfortably resting on his nose and not too tight around the temple area. The glasses are only worn for photos/videos.

    Does Bao like to wear clothes?

    Yes, he loves anything soft and comfortable. He knows how to put his paws and arms through when putting on clothes.